9.3 2023 – Training for company WATER s.r.o.

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9.3 2023 – Training for company WATER s.r.o.

Training for company WATER s.r.o.

On March 9th, 2023, the company WATER s.r.o. organized a training session in partnership with OPTOKON, a leading provider of fiber optic communication solutions. The event covered a range of topics related to fiber optics, including an introduction to fiber optics, passive network elements, fiber optic cables, FOTAS, DC Vysočina, termination and routing of fiber optic cables, splicing in fiber optic networks, measurement in fiber optic networks, calibration laboratory, and an introduction to active devices such as transceivers and PON networks.

At the end of the day, participants received certificates of attendance and evaluation forms. The event was a great success, and participants left with valuable knowledge and practical experience in fiber optic communication technology.

Introduction to fiber optics
– Fiber optic transmissions . SM, MM
– Problems in fiber optic splicing
– Principles, standards, parameters

Passive elements of optical networks
– Connectors, splitters, multiplexers, ..
– Resilient optical networks – military equipment

Fiber optic cables
– Types of fibre optic cables
– Construction
– Applications

FOTAS – distributed fibre sensor based surveillance
– Principles
– Practical demonstration
– DOS system, principles, wiring
– Tour of DC

Termination and routing of fibre optic cables
– Optical distribution frame (ODF) system:
(a) Indoor, outdoor, cable connectors
b) Rack mounted, wall mounted
c) Metal, plastic

Splicing in optical networks
– Principles
– Types of welding machines
– Practical demonstration

Measurements in optical networks
– Direct method
– OTDR method
Types of measuring instruments – practical demonstration

OPTOKON calibration laboratory
– Principles, requirements, terms
– KL Services

Introduction to active devices
– Transceivers
– FTTH – PON networks