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OptoNet Communication training center – traineeship

OptoNet Communication Training Center ERASMUS

Seminar was held by OptoNet Communication training center. Information was given about the products of OPTOKON and OptoNet Communication Training Center companies. A conference was given on how they make their products better, what kind of problems they have and what kind of work they do. The students were divided into groups of 4 and the working order was prepared.

Yellow team: Two seminars on fibre optic cables were held. Splicing of fibre optic cables was taught. It was shown and recorded how to measure the data loss rate of fibre optic cables after splice. It was shown whether there is dirt in the core of the picatel adapter and taught how to clean it.

Green team The green team was divided into two groups of four people. One group learned and practiced splice construction on fibre cable. The other group was introduced to the laboratories in a sterile environment. They were taught how to clean the devices and make them ready for calibration. Measurements were made and the values were recorded on the computer. The boxes of the devices were prepared, boxed and made ready for dispatch.

Red team Fibre optic cable splicing was explained and demonstrated. The value was measured and recorded. The sterile environment was switched to the sterile environment, a presentation was made on the subject and demonstrated practically. The device was shown to work and prepared for calibration. Measurements were made and recorded, boxes were prepared, boxed and finished.

Blue team: The video about making a splice to the fibre optic cable was watched, explained and applied. One logo design was made for OptoNet and drawn in pencil. Fibre optic cable was laid on the wires of OptoNet company building. What Erasmus students did at OPTOKON was briefly recorded on a word document.

OPTOKON Kable factory was visited and it was shown how the fibre optic cable is produced step by step. It was shown that the fibre optic cable was subjected to various tests (wear, flexibility, breakage, etc.). The test results were said to have international validity.